As input to the first HRS workshop, pre-conceptual, first-order ion-optical design studies were performed to provide a basis for discussion of the technical needs and boundary conditions, as well as scientific opportunities.
Please refer to this document as a first guide for the properties of the HRS.  However, please realize that the design can and will change significantly on the basis of expressed needs to further enhance the capabilities and scientific output.

Primary Design Objectives for HRS
  • Magnetic bending power: up to 8 Tm
  • Large momentum (10% dp/p) and angular acceptances (80x80 mrad)
  • Particle identification capabilities extending to heavy masses (~200)
  • Momentum resolution 1 in 5000; intermediate image after sweeper
  • Dispersion: 7cm/%
  • Invariant mass spectroscopy: ±6o opening in sweeper dipole for neutrons
  • Beam transport 
    • Dispersion-matching capability 
    • Beam line from fragment separator designed to optimize transmission to HRS