HRS Working Group

The HRS Working group is an active group of scientists that worked together to complete the HRS whitepaper and that, subsequently, deduced the scientific specifications for the HRS from which the conceptual design was derived. The working group has annual meetings during the Low-Energy Community Meetings, organizes workshops that focus on various topics related to the HRS and its scientific program, and representatives meets regular in online meetings to discuss details of the conceptual design and the implications and opportunities for the scientific program with the HRS. In addition, a smaller group meets regularly to discuss the detectors for the HRS. If you are interested in joining, please contact the HRS Working group point of contact, Remco Zegers.
The Members of the HRS Working Group are presently from the following institutions: 

US National Laboratories

US Universities & Colleges

Argonne Nat.l Lab.

Augustana College

Michigan State University

Lawrence Berkeley Nat'l Lab.

Bucknell University

Ohio University

Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Lab.

Central Michigan University

Rutgers University

Los Alamos Nat'l Lab.

Florida State University

Texas A&M University

Oak Ridge Nat'l Lab.

Gettysburg College

University of Tennessee

Hampton University

University of Notre Dame

Foreign Institutions

Hope College

University of North Carolina


Indiana University

Washington University St. Louis


Indiana Wesleyan University

Ursinus College

TRIUMF (Canada)

Kalamazoo College

Wabash College

University of Surrey (UK)