2020 LECM HRS Working Group Meeting

HRS Working Group Session – 2020 Low Energy Community Meeting

10:30 AM (PDT) – 12:30 PM (CDT) – 13:30 PM (EDT)

Each presentation slot contains ~5 minutes for questions

The Working Group for the FRIB High Rigidity Spectrometer (HRS) would like to invite members of the FRIB Users Organization to join to the HRS Working Group Meeting (Friday August 9, 8:30-10 am) during the upcoming Low-Energy Community Meeting. Aside from a brief update on the HRS and its status, we have made a significant part of the working group meeting available to discuss the future science program with the HRS and are very interested in contributions and questions from all users, including and especially those who have not previously participated in the working group discussions and related activities. Since the conceptual design is advanced, this is a great time to discuss scientific opportunities, novel systems that can be used in combination with the HRS to effectively carry out a state-of-the-art program with the HRS, and theoretical methods and developments that are important for the HRS science program. We would also like to hear what kinds of tools (simulations etc.) users are interested in for studying opportunities with the HRS at FRIB.

The conceptual design report (CDR) for the HRS can be found at: https://frib.msu.edu/_files/pdfs/HRS-CDR112119_v2.pdf

Please join the working group meeting and contact Remco Zegers (zegers@nscl.msu.edu) if you have any questions/comments.