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Meetings of the HRS Working Group

Besides the regular working group meetings and workshops such as those listed below, a representative group of working group members meets on a regular basis in online meetings. In addition, a subgroup meets to discuss detectors and detector technologies of relevance for the scientific program of the HRS. If you are interested in joining please contact Remco Zegers.                 

Upcoming meetings:

Nuclear fission is a challenging and complex many-body process. Its understanding and description is important for understanding properties of nuclei and nuclear matter, astrophysical processes, and nuclear technologies in the field of nuclear energy, defense, and homeland security. 

The wide range of rare-isotope beams available at FRIB can be exploited to improve the nuclear structure underpinning the theoretical efforts focused on fission, as well as the dynamics. A range of experimental techniques can be used to study fission of rare-isotopes (e.g. transfer-induced fission studies, fusion-fission, direct reactions with fission products, etc.), and this workshop will focus on opportunities for such studies at FRIB.

A completely new opportunity for fission studies will be presented by the High Rigidity Spectrometer (HRS). Due to its ability to operate at high rigidities, experiments can be performed in which one or both fission products can be collected and analyzed in the HRS. In addition, the measurements can be combined with the detection of -rays, neutrons, and charged particles. 

We invite the members of the FRIB Users community to join and share their efforts, plans, and ideas for studies of fission with rare isotopes during this workshop, which will take place as part of the 2024 Low-Energy Community meeting. We encourage people who wish to present to contact Kyle Brown ( and/or Remco Zegers (

Past meetings: